The Restful To-do List Is Unproductively Productive

Today is a day where I’m just wiped OUT. My energy reserves are gone. If you think about a bowl filled with a little water: The water is your energy. Each spoonful of energy your body, the spoon, takes out, empties a little more each time. I’m pooped, yet there is much on my to-do list.
I’m having to learn to rest and be OK with resting when needed, because it is NOW an item on my to-do list. My body needs it, and in the long run, it will make me a healthier person if I learn to listen and respond appropriately to the demands of my mind and body.
It’s just that resting doesn’t sound or feel productive. It feels counter-cultural. We’ve been raised to bust-butt, do more, be more, achieve more, and have stuff to show for it.
Today, I have nothing to show for it other than a photo of me resting on my comfy and very animal friendly sofa (the way we like it as to snuggle with our pets). That’s all I have to show for today. I can’t show a photo of the inside of my body screaming of the neurological symptoms and fatigue. I can’t show bigger muscles.
I can tell you I started a new med and am praying that this one won’t make me sick and will help my anxiety. The last one I took like this made me so sick I had to quit taking it. This is like a last resort, so I need it to work.
Today, I look unproductive. But, I am not. I am very “busy” taking care of myself by looking very unbusy. I’m resting. I’m taking my new med (brave me–I HATE medications, but when they’re necessary, you take them<—-courageously and prayerfully).
In my unbusy looking, but actual productive day, I am also seeking God, because I need to find my rest in Him. I need to be soaking in His provision, protection, and peace. I’m where I need to be, doing what I need to be doing. Seeking Him. Waiting upon HIm. Listening to Him. Reminding myself of who God is, what He’s done already for me, what He will do, and counting my blessings already. Today I rest upon a mountain top with the King of Glory, putting all I have in my faith in Him.
And that’s the busyness of today as I rest in order to mark taking care of myself off my to-do list. It’s just as important as the other items on the list–more important than most things upon it, because if I can’t and don’t take care of me (which IS productive), than those other things may never get done or done well.
It makes us look at priorities in a different way, and it begs us to ask:
How do we take care of ourselves? And are we productively unproductive when we do it?
Rest is not wasteful. It can be a very good use of our time, energy, and resources. When we shift our perspectives, we learn to see things differently. And then we can act accordingly.
Get your to-do list and add rest. Then, go and do it. Rest your mind, body, and soul. Spiritual, mental, and physical health lead to emotional wellbeing, and rest for these reasons alone are worthy of our time and attention.
You need a time out without guilt. Productively unproductive will help us live prioritized and healthy lifestyles. So, go. Get to unproductive and be better for it. 

About Christine Pechstein

Christ-follower, Author, Founder of SOLMA, Podcast host, Life Management Educator, Lover of coffee, chocolate, fat cats, and all things cozy.