The Restful To-do List Is Unproductively Productive

Our cat napping with me.

Today is a day where I’m just wiped OUT. My energy reserves are gone. If you think about a bowl filled with a little water: The water is your energy. Each spoonful of energy your body, the spoon, takes out, empties a little more each time. I’m pooped, yet there… Continue reading »


The Gift of Gab! Episode #40 The Rut of Weekend Catch Up!

Are you someone who pushes everything off for the weekend? Sometimes by the time Friday hits, we’ve pushed so many responsibilities off to the weekend, that we’re already overwhelmed and find it difficult to enjoy our time off. This segment was our first video segment simultaneously broadcast LIVE on Google… Continue reading »


Life Management Tip: The Putter

Black and white head shot of Christine Pechstein

You simply intentionally schedule a weekend now and again (just as you would a vacation), because you need time to putter and do whatever. It’s like a mini-vacation that will…


Savoring The Morning Buzz

And though their conversation and laughter woke me up, I realized just how much I want to savor it. I will miss it when she moves away to college next fall. I simply continued to lay there and listen and soak up the sounds of my family. I then heard my son and his sophomore buddies looking for their last minute things-shoes, socks, and homework…