The Restful To-do List Is Unproductively Productive

Our cat napping with me.

Today is a day where I’m just wiped OUT. My energy reserves are gone. If you think about a bowl filled with a little water: The water is your energy. Each spoonful of energy your body, the spoon, takes out, empties a little more each time. I’m pooped, yet there… Continue reading »


Episode #51 Don’t Get Stuck In A State of Whine. Go To The Nearest Toy Box Instead!

Black and white graphic of Christine Pechstein with white lettering Coaching for those who live beyond compromise.

Are you stuck in a state of whine?   Has someone encouraged you to get to the nearest toy box instead? Have you tried something and failed? And adopted an attitude of failure for your life? [su_spacer] New Lifestyle Internet Radio with Move Into Action on BlogTalkRadio [su_spacer] As I… Continue reading »


The Gift of Gab! Episode #47 Your Mindset: Doom or A New Beginning?

What’s Your Mindset? Are you doomed? OR… Are you facing a new beginning?   What is your initial mindset when you’re suddenly facing a crisis? Do you see doom and gloom and the end of the world? Or do you see a blank slate, a brand new opportunity, and unlimited… Continue reading »


The Gift of Gab! Episode #30 Are Our Pets Succeeding More Than We As Humans Do?

Image of Christine Pechstein

Pets will try A N Y T H I N G to get what they want. And they seem fearless doing so, right? Do you think about why that is? Do you wonder how we can harness that kind of trying into our own lives? You know, the type of… Continue reading »


What Are You Going To Believe About You?

What will you choose to believe about you? Watch this short video and think…