The Restful To-do List Is Unproductively Productive

Our cat napping with me.

Today is a day where I’m just wiped OUT. My energy reserves are gone. If you think about a bowl filled with a little water: The water is your energy. Each spoonful of energy your body, the spoon, takes out, empties a little more each time. I’m pooped, yet there… Continue reading »


At First Glance I Am . . .

I’m a woman with issues. Haha! Most days when I think about what I’m all about, I think of many really good and fun things. I love music and I love to dance. I love to be spontaneous and silly. I love to converse and talk about wild, weird, and… Continue reading »


Surrender To Healing

Photo of Christine Pechstein taken in the hospital August 2015.

Here’s the link to the article I wrote that has been published in The Yoke. When health issues and scares seem to take over our lives, it can leave us in a lot of pain, uncertainty, and turmoil. With our faith, however, we don’t need to be there when we… Continue reading »


Special Guest: David Zailer of Operation Integrity

Image of David Zailer on the beach.

Coming up on The Gift of Gab! Life Management Radio Show!   Guest: David Zailer, Operation Integrity   I interviewed David Zailer of Operation Integrity about a few of the basics of addictions, addictive behaviors, and the struggles families face when an addict is living in denial. As part of… Continue reading »


The Gift of Gab: 48 Ways To Change Your Life In 2014

Stop and think for a moment. What did you want to accomplish in your life in 2010? 2011? 2012? 2013? Did you learn about and take small steps daily to work on 48 different possibilities? Listen in now to learn more about what’s coming! It’s a LIFE CHANGING whole life… Continue reading »