Are We Christians Superstitious About Suffering?

Photo of person walking upstairs wearing jeans and a white t-shirt

I grabbed my Bible, Journal, Coffee, Computer, Pens, and Concordance for my Bible study this morning. I sat down before the dog or cat could interrupt me, opened in prayer, and asked for understanding about suffering and healing. So, I decided to dive into a Bible study on healing. Again…. Continue reading »


Surrender To Healing

Photo of Christine Pechstein taken in the hospital August 2015.

Here’s the link to the article I wrote that has been published in The Yoke. When health issues and scares seem to take over our lives, it can leave us in a lot of pain, uncertainty, and turmoil. With our faith, however, we don’t need to be there when we… Continue reading »


Run From Church Or Restore To The Church?

Religion CAN hurt. BUT through Christ and His body we can be restored. The amputated parts that have been hurt and we’ve hid can finally be reunited with the whole and the body can be restored in mind, body, and spirit. No longer is it necessary to keep carving, changing, rearranging ourselves and our churches to meet our needs as individuals, because our needs are not individualistic but more-so universal and as one body.


Finding Power In Helplessness

I remembered how my helplessness was only related to me. I had access to more power. I just didn’t realize it! I wasn’t really completely helpless, because there was one thing I had the power and strength to do.

I prayed.


Experiencing God In Life

Yesterday, I took her to the outpatient surgical center at the hospital and she had the stone removed and a stint placed. Her surgery was a success and almost immediately she had notably less pain. Praise God! And during this whole time from before her surgery, during her surgery, to even now-after her surgery, I’ve experienced God like never before.