Egos That Require Boundaries For Your Health And Sanity

Why . . .   Why do some people feel the need to argue or challenge people over everything in an attempt to manipulate, control, or one-up everyone else. (They’ve been everywhere, they’ve done everything, they know it all . . . they know what you should do, become, think,… Continue reading »


The Gift of Gab! Episode #58 Protecting And Respecting Personal Boundaries

Hot pink boxing gloves on a black background. Text: It's time to kick some 'buts'!

Boundaries are a for your protection. “Many times the people closest to you will violate your boundaries, because they feel they’re either entitled to be close to you or that they’ve earned the right to be trusted by you. But, this is not necessarily true, and you cannot fall for… Continue reading »


The Gift of Gab: The Two Sides of TMI

Have you been in a similar situation? You’re listening to a story or getting an update about a life event, when suddenly it’s there, out in the open, leaving scars in your memory for life? What do we do when TMI escapes? New Lifestyle Internet Radio with Move Into Action… Continue reading »


Surviving The Meat Market As Women In Ministry

Christine Pechstein in a park looking into the distance.

In some ways, it begins to feel that being in ministry makes a woman a conquest. And not just a conquest, but the ultimate conquest. A super conquest. She’s a leader. She’s a Godly woman. And she’s off limits.


Help For The Holidays

What’s better than getting stressed out and upset this holiday season? Getting equipped to handle things in better ways! There are times and seasons when life is just too much and help to get through those seasons is welcomed. So, here are a few resources to start.