Episode #84 You Can’t Fix A Person

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It’s tough. I know. I think it’s likely that we all know someone with an addiction or problem that isn’t being addressed by their choosing or flat-out denial. It goes ignored. Those closest to them may simply look away from it. Some even enable the behaviors, because they’re too afraid… Continue reading »


Special Guest: David Zailer of Operation Integrity

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Coming up on The Gift of Gab! Life Management Radio Show!   Guest: David Zailer, Operation Integrity   I interviewed David Zailer of Operation Integrity about a few of the basics of addictions, addictive behaviors, and the struggles families face when an addict is living in denial. As part of… Continue reading »


What If Christians…

My son is the king of the “what-if’s” in my house. But today, I am going to ask: What if? What if as Christians we kept all of our hurts to ourselves?What if we never talked about our doubts?What if we never shared our personal experiences?What if we never never… Continue reading »


Learning To Live In God’s Time Zone

(This was written February 22, 2009…. Update: As we approach 2012, I am celebrating three years smoke-free, without relapse, no cheating, and complete peace. Thank you, God 🙂 _________________________ Five days ago, something significant occurred. I drove to our church to meet a small number of individuals who were attending… Continue reading »