Special Guest: David Zailer of Operation Integrity

Special Guest: David Zailer of Operation Integrity

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Guest: David Zailer, Operation Integrity


I interviewed David Zailer of Operation Integrity about a few of the basics of addictions, addictive behaviors, and the struggles families face when an addict is living in denial. As part of the life management journey, I believe it is important for us to recognize and understand how addictions can impact our lives personally, whether it be a personal struggle or a struggle of someone you are close to.

If you’ve ever wondered about addiction, you’ve likely had questions.

Have you ever wondered about the differences between an addiction and bad habits? How to identify and assess an addiction? What step to take first? How to talk to someone you love about addiction? How to deal with denial of an addict?

These are just a few things we discuss in this show segment. Listen in now!


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Why should you tune in?wlmch 2012 Front 6x9

Maybe you or someone you know has an addiction.

Maybe you or someone you know is in recovery.

Maybe you or someone you know could use the information in this episode.

Maybe this is simply an opportunity to learn.

Whatever your reason for tuning in, you’ll walk away with useful insight that will help you think differently about addictions regardless of the type: chemical, substance abuse, food, and more.


David Zailer is the Executive Director of Operation Integrity and author of several books on addiction recovery and other spiritual and inspirational topics. You can get his books “Our Journey Home” and  “When Lost Men Come Home not for men only” on Amazon.

Our Journey Home book cover

As a life management coach, I feel it’s important to understand addictions and addictive behaviors to understand how they play into our lives. Once we understand things, we can begin to equip ourselves with the tools and resources necessary for the journey.  This might be your journey or the journey of a family member or close friend. David’s  insight can provide you with information you need along with encouragement and hope. Hit the play button to listen to the podcast above or use the link below to visit the show page.


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