Ready To Live Again

As I think about this new year, I know one thing is for sure . . .

I am so ready to live again! And by living, I mean living without fear being where my attention focuses first. My health has been at the forefront of my life for the last five years or so, and this year, I want to live with my goals, dreams, and talents being at the forefront, while my health trails behind.I’ll still focus on my health, but it has become something I do from a standpoint of proactive health. By this, I mean I eat right, sleep and rest well, and quit when my body and mind tell me it’s time to. No longer do I push myself beyond capacity. Doing so only means I suffer and must recuperate longer to get back what I lost. It takes time and makes me feel horrible, so I stopped doing that and changed my focus to doing what I can while being content with whatever that is whether it be much or little, although most days, it feels all too little.

This year is the most hopeful yet. I hope you’ll join me as I blog my journey. I may not be skateboarding or participating in any crazy activities (I think I’d love to hang glide, though! Ha!), but I will be living life and enjoying the things I love best . . . even when that’s simply pausing life to rest.


Happy 2018! This is the year to live without fear!

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