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The Five Speed Life

There’s nothing like driving and being in control. For me, there’s nothing better than driving my five-speed PT Cruiser. In fact, the reason I went out of the way to purchase this particular car was primarily because it is a five-speed. I am a five-speed person. I like to have…

Independence Day

The fourth of July is one of my favorite summer time holidays. It's all about gathering family and friends, eating bbq, and watching fireworks. This year was no exception. We gathered at my Aunt's house to visit, eat, shoot fireworks, and watch the community fireworks display after sunset. As I…

Serving The Starving

As I watched my kids interact over this carefully prepared breakfast, I thought about service. What does it mean to serve someone? What does it mean to serve someone who is starving? In many ways, we all starve for something whether it be food, friendship, love, comfort, or encouragement. Sometimes…
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