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Copy of The Think Drink Life Book Cover. Image of Christine Pechstein with a coffee cup over image in black.

The Think Drink Life includes the answers to the top 10 life management topics I am most often asked about. It’s an easy read, and you’ll be up to speed in no time using the tools and techniques I give in this jam-packed how-to essential. If you desire more life and less stress, start here!












"Mom Said" book cover with image of Christine Pechstein in a garden setting.Mom Said! is a book that Christine wrote when she realized her teenagers really did listen to what she’d been saying. It’s full of wisdom, humor, and encouraging social media status’ that she desired to leave behind for her kids as a legacy. How did she realize they really listened? Visit my bookstore and take a peek to find out!













Blue and Orange "7 Day Sermon" Workbook book cover.

The 7 Day Sermon is the challenge to practice what you preach. It’s one of my all-time fave books, because it helps keep me organized in my private time and church time. It has areas for taking notes during the sermon, writing down prayer requests, counting blessings, noting transgressions, and challenging those who wish to put into practice what they learn on Sundays. It brings the Word to life everyday and builds our spiritual character.

Feel free to peek inside them at my bookstore. I have even more!



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I’m confident you’ll find just the perfect life management companion to keep you prioritized, focused, and motivated. These books and workbooks are crafted to help you do more of what you love, while encouraging you to stay true to your life management journey of more life and less stress.


Book cover to Interviewing Is An Art in green background

Interviewing Is An Art is a workbook designed for individuals of all backgrounds and professions. It has 12 sets of worksheets that will help you become the perfect job candidate by painting a visual picture of your performance for your interviewer while matching your skills and abilities to the job description to become their perfect candidate.  Painting a picture that gets you the job is an art that anyone can master.



Cover page image of Christine's life management workbook of a roadway leading to new things.It’s difficult to get to a specific destination if we don’t watch where we’re going. Success depends upon our ability to know where we’re going, why we’re going, and how we’re going as we move toward our intended destinations. Every Successful Journey Begins With A MAP: My Action Plan will get you on your way by walking you through the necessary steps of planning and preparing to reach your goals and live your priorities.



Book cover of Take This Life and Chunk ItTake This Job and Chunk It is for people who attend never ending meetings that result in little action. This workbook is crafted to help move people into action by bringing accountability to the tasks and items discussed. Then, at your next meeting, when everyone is asked to report actions taken, they’ll remember that the tasks were assigned with deadlines and fear being the individual preventing forward movement.






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