I Know FULL WELL I’m Not Attending Satan’s Pity Party

I Know FULL WELL I’m Not Attending Satan’s Pity Party

You know how it goes. You see other people’s lives going oh, so perfectly.

That other woman has the perfect face, perfect body, perfect hair.

And that one . . . the one with the perfect personality, the one who can cook, the one who is quiet, the one who is smarter, the one .

Then there’s the one who is loved and cherished and seems to have the perfect relationship. She’s doted on by her love-struck beau because he thinks, you know, she’s perfect. And she is–for him.

They’re all perfect. And you’re still single. Or you’re struggling with issues in life and feel so imperfect compared to others. And not only that, you’ve got many faults that you’re now focused on. You’re actually listing them. You’re convinced now that they’ll keep you stuck where you are forever, because that’s all people will see in you. Your faults, mishaps, imperfections . . . all of it. It feels like it’s labeled on your forehead: IMPERFECT CHICK. Comparison kills us by sucking everything good we do have in life right out of us, because we focus on what we don’t have or what’s different, rather than the good things and blessings we do indeed have. It induces pity and pity never likes to be alone. It wants a party.

So you start to mope. You feel sorry for yourself. You play along with this game and envision yourself 72 years old with 72 cats. You’ll become the single-forever-imperfect cat lady. And you feel a little blue, wonder what you have to do to become so perfect like those other women, the women that are snatched up like gold, and all of the sudden it hits you.

Satan is on my back big-time, and he’s whispering those lies to me. Every single one of them. And he keeps whispering until I am reminded in the blink of an eye, that I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

How do I know? I recall Psalm 139

Psalm 139:14 New International Version (NIV)

14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well.

Ok, Satan. Here is the truth:

I AM fearfully and wonderfully made by my Creator. His works are wonderful. God doesn’t create junk. Look at the world. C’mon. I know that full well.

That last line stops me, because it’s something that struck me full well. I need to have God’s word so bound to my mind and heart that at any given moment, I am able to remember the truth about who I am and what I’m here for that I can stop the pity-party immediately. I didn’t do it right away. I gave Satan a little time to play with my mind when I should have kicked his sorry behind out immediately.

So, my challenge to myself is this:

TO KNOW THAT FULL WELL. And then to remember it full well.

I am fearfully and wonderfully made, and I know that full well.

To know it full well means it’s not something easily forgotten. It’s something I clothe myself in daily as I recall the truth and live it out. Think about how much our lives will change when we know the word full well, and LIVE like we know it full well.

Ponder those words in that verse: FULL WELL. I mean, WOW!

Full well doesn’t have time for pity parties, and full well won’t even allow us to consider an RSVP for such deceit. Think about it, and challenge yourself to know full well what the truth is.

Full well changes everything and gives Satan nothing on us.

I gotta run–time for church–time to worship God: The Almighty.


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