Episode #84 You Can’t Fix A Person

It’s tough. I know.

I think it’s likely that we all know someone with an addiction or problem that isn’t being addressed by their choosing or flat-out denial. It goes ignored. Those closest to them may simply look away from it. Some even enable the behaviors, because they’re too afraid to do anything to “rock the boat.”

“Let sleeping dogs lie,” is their theory.

An alcoholic? Oh, but they’re so functional! There’s always an excuse or something else to blame it on, so the cycle continues. The health issues just get worse.

The hard part is knowing someone is hurting themselves with their behaviors, but there is nothing we can do to change it no matter how much we want to. They must want to, and change is easier spoken than it is done.

What do we do? Here are my thoughts as a life coach and someone who has experienced this first-hand with a loved one. I hope it helps you as you seek professional resources.

You can’t fix. You can’t enable. But, you CAN take care of yourself in this process of heartbreak and concern.



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