Episode #84 You Can’t Fix A Person

Image of Christine Pechstein on black background.

It’s tough. I know. I think it’s likely that we all know someone with an addiction or problem that isn’t being addressed by their choosing or flat-out denial. It goes ignored. Those closest to them may simply look away from it. Some even enable the behaviors, because they’re too afraid… Continue reading »


Episode #49 Great Leaders Delegate And This Is Why

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If you want to be a great leader, you’ll just learn to do it all yourself.   FALSE! [su_spacer] No, no, no! This is false thinking and a mindset that will burn people out. As part of your life and stress management, you need to understand why delegation is imperative… Continue reading »


The Gift of Gab! Episode #46 Stress Management and Trigger Happy People

AsĀ  your life management coach, I want you to THINK: [su_spacer] IS YOUR TRIGGER TOO SENSITIVE? ARE YOU TRIGGER HAPPY? Do people upset you in traffic? Do you go into grouch mode when hungry?   Do common every day annoyances upset you and pull your trigger? How about people popping… Continue reading »


The Gift of Gab! Episode #45 Letting Off Steam: Am I Venting Or Gossiping?

Black and White photo of Christine Pechstein sitting at her desk.

We’ve ALL been there. You know, that place where you need to let off steam just to remain sane. But when does venting become gossiping? Is it the same thing as gossiping? Can it lead others to gossip? Can it be fuel for fire that others will pick up and… Continue reading »


The Gift of Gab! Episode #42 Superpowers, Strengths, and Weaknesses

Today I’m teaching on strengths (I discovered many of mine through motherhood) and the need for creating white space in your life for regular rest and relaxation. What are your strengths? Can you move at the speed of motherhood? Rely on intuition? Find solutions despite being stuck in gridlock traffic… Continue reading »