What Are You Looking At? Why Perspective Is Your Key To Success.

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Think! Have you ever thought you might not be smart enough or capable of handling learning new and challenging material by furthering your education? I was just thinking about that for myself. Can I go back to school? Should I? What makes me think I will be able to pass… Continue reading »


Episode #70 Communication: Successful, Strained, or Drained.

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  Are we communicating to be understood? If not, we may need to back up.  [su_spacer] There’s good communication. There’s bad communication. There’s less than desirable communication. Drain and strain can destroy a relationship between spouses, friends, family . . . [su_spacer size=”20″] Some things I want you to consider:… Continue reading »


Episode #67 “X” Marks The Spot. Now, How Do I Get There?

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    Plan your life and live your plan.  While it sounds simple, most people only do half (HALF!) of that and wonder why they haven’t been able to reach their goals. It’s difficult to get to where you want to go if you don’t have a plan in place to show… Continue reading »


Episode #66 Want More Success? Start Doing Less.

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    More. More. MORE! So often, we believe success is off in the future where our goals and aspirations wait for us to catch up to them. But, that’s not true. We can experience contentment, peace, and joy now instead of always chasing something newer, greater, or better that… Continue reading »


The Gift Of Gab! Episode #53 The Mountain In Front Of Small Business

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I love my business. And I live out my faith in every area of my life. Lately, the success of small business largely depends on your support of an agenda. If you support it, you’re cool, and you survive. But if you don’t, they’ll boycott you, call you names, sue… Continue reading »