There Is A Mouse In My Coffee. No, Seriously…there is!

I noticed he was just staring at me with those big, full eyes. He flinched his whiskers, so I commented on how cute he looked and grabbed my coffee for a savory sip, when I suddenly stopped. Seriously, Chunks?


Chunks of Bloopers

Uh,oh, Chunks climbed into my work today! Everyone knows that Friar Chunks is my big, fuzzy, Tomcat that I adore. And he likes to help me work even from my home office.


Happy Birthday, Chunks!

Christine Pechstein's cat appears in her coaching video.

He is highly entertaining, he helps us relax when he’s ready to curl up and purr in our laps, he taught my kids how to use the litter box and cover when they’re done, (LOL, I’m kidding!), he makes us laugh, giggle, and yes, he makes us play with mice.


Life Management With A Cat

Christine's cat, Friar Chunks in her suitcase.

I’ve begun to understand the other side of life management. In fact, it’s now called, Life management With A Cat. I’ve outlined the book chapters below:

Chapter 1 “Cats rule the world, and everything revolves around me.”