The Restful To-do List Is Unproductively Productive

Our cat napping with me.

Today is a day where I’m just wiped OUT. My energy reserves are gone. If you think about a bowl filled with a little water: The water is your energy. Each spoonful of energy your body, the spoon, takes out, empties a little more each time. I’m pooped, yet there… Continue reading »


At First Glance I Am . . .

I’m a woman with issues. Haha! Most days when I think about what I’m all about, I think of many really good and fun things. I love music and I love to dance. I love to be spontaneous and silly. I love to converse and talk about wild, weird, and… Continue reading »


Vineyard, Waiting For The First Grapes

Basket to collect a harvest.

Grapes remind me of producing fruit in abundance and with great care. They require just the right elements for a good crop and from that crop, many things are made and enjoyed. Having a chronic disease, challenges the perception of personal fruit-bearing and having something good as a result.