Meet the author!


Professional Stats:

  • Life Coach since 2004
  • Founder of Move Into Action
  • Author of 8 Life Management Books including The 7 Day Sermon and The Think Drink Life
  • Founder of SOLMA (School of Life Management Academy, established in 2014)
  • Host of The Gift of Gab and SOLMA, Life Management Podcasts
  • Keynote speaker for churches and corporations
  • Certified in Mental Health First Aid
  • Certified as a First Responder in Crisis Situations (Billy Graham Training)
  • Weekly Bible Study teacher at community soup kitchen
  • Guest Preacher in community churches and venues
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration
  • Associates of Science in Film and Video Production
  • Student at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary (Certificate Program)


Fun Facts:

  • Follower of Jesus
  • Proud mom to three AMAZING grown kids
  • Single-mother of 18 years (and I survived . . . so did my kids!)
  • Coffee, coffee, coffee
  • Chronic Disease Superstar persevering through undiagnosed something or other with very similar issues and symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, however they say it’s not that and don’t know what it is
  • Record holder for the most pots melted while cooking
  • Can create grenades out of eggs (loooong cooking story)
  • Special adoration of coffee, cats, candles, and one crazy boxer
  • Lover of books (the ones with paper), especially Theology, Old Testament, Leadership
  • Creator of a modified “less is more” lifestyle to preserve my time, energy, and resources
  • Severe thunderstorm and tornado enthusiast
  • Someone who absolutely LOVES rain and rainy days
  • Happy camper who can’t help but grin
  • MAJOR Cornhusker fan– Go Big Red!


What You’ll Find Here:“A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know.” (2).jpg

My Simple Schedule: 

You’ll find a new blog post, podcast, video, or lesson every Friday based on my highly-refined Life and Stress Management Educational Sessions. Sometimes it will be on life as it happens. I’ll keep you guessing!

You’ll even get to see the behind the scenes of my personal and professional life. This is where my use of life management is put into practice. Plus, you get to see my likes, dislikes, funny moments, plenty of coffee, chocolate, my fat cat, and my life as it unfolds, especially now that I have a chronic disease to work around. People ask how I am. My response: “I’m persevering!”

And you can, too! I’ll teach you how at SOLMA, the School of Life Management Academy.

SOLMA is where teach online. These are self-paced courses online (and a monthly live webinar) you can’t afford to miss if you’re ready to reduce stress, anxiety, clutter, obligations, so you can start living for your most precious priorities. SOLMA is where you start and maintain your progress.

Much of my blogging and training is faith-based. One thing being a single mother, business owner, and having a chronic disease has taught me, is that sometimes we need to lean on others, and we always need to lean on God and His Son, Jesus Christ, to get through the peaks and valleys in life. Many times, as I go through these peaks and valleys, I’ll teach straight from the Bible and journal my personal application.

No hype. No spin. Just the truth in proper context.

I’ll be writing about life lessons and my personal experiences, and I’ll somedays share Scripture straight from the Bible as I learn to lean, rest, and renew my body, mind, and soul in godly truths.

(Please note: This is Biblical Bible study and apologetics-related and not New-Age or liberal teaching in any way.)

So, now, here’s my story:

social media pic

My Close Call With Burnout

In this era, I was a young, vibrant, hard working, single mother who believed that anything was possible to those who had the drive, determination, and desire to change the world. So, I gave everything I had to raising my three kids, working a full-time job, being active in community, and growing a network for the benefit of folks with disabilities. It was great, and I loved it, but it drove me to the edge of burnout. I was working to create my own life while busting my butt to fight a government system that didn’t help people as much as it should have. And when you’re working harder at building someone’s life than they are, that’s a problem. I realized the passion I’d once had was waning, and it was time to go. There’s not enough time or energy to be consumed by a dead-end instead of the opportunities I desired for my life, so I had a decision to make. Eventually, I was done. Out of there. It was either that or my health by scattering myself too thin, and I didn’t want it to be my health. So, in 2008,  I took a leap of faith and started Move Into Action to coach and teach people from a faith-based, life priority perspective, and it was the best move I’d ever made.


Creating Something From Nothing

cropped-500-400-dream-plan-live-stick.jpg2008 was the year I started Move Into Action. It was also during the time I caved in and went back to church. I could sense God’s call to return, and I did. Eventually. Reluctantly. I grew up in the Catholic religion, but I found Jesus when I joined a Southern Baptist church. I FINALLY knew that it was Jesus who saved, so I got baptized (as an adult), started studying my Bible, and using my spiritual gifts in the church and in community.

In addition, I knew it was time to start a business from scratch. Life coaching was my specialty and experience, and from all my years of coaching others while creating my own opportunities in life, I could see how important setting proper priorities were to all life areas beginning with spirituality. To expand my reach, I took to the internet, so I could teach. Yet, I had no website skills at all, and I was learning social media platforms as they were rapidly changing. It was all so new, so I did what any “Type A,” go-get-’em personality would do. I dove into the deep-end and figured out how to swim while in the water. There’s no better, and faster, way to learn, right? Well, it worked, and I am so thankful for all I’ve learned along the way.

I got Move Into Action up and running, designed it to focus exclusively on Life (Priority) and Stress Management, and I took pride in being the best in my field both in person and in the online classroom. It was also during this time period I was working toward my Ordination and eventually with a local church plant. Things were moving right along!


Persevering With Priorities AND a chronic disease . . .

or whatever it is

Photo of Christine Pechstein taken in the hospital August 2015.In 2012, I began to back off quite a bit on the training and traveling I was doing, because I started noticing funky things with my health that had begun off and on several years prior. The continuation of the symptoms sent me to my physician, the hospital ER, a few specialists, and even resulted in several surgeries. By 2014, I was dealing with things I never thought I’d find myself dealing with. In fact, my prayer was, “God, please don’t make me deal with anything scary, because I just can’t handle it!” Well, God answers prayers, but not always in the way we ask! You can read about my health and faith journey in this article, “Surrender To Healing,” I wrote for publication in The Yoke.

Even after all the things I’ve endured (am still enduring!), including another surgery in 2016 and still no diagnosis for Multiple Sclerosis (which matches my symptoms and issues, but now I’m told they don’t know what it is), I still find myself with the desire to Move Into Action to live in a way that uses my time, energy, and resources to honor and glorify God. There are days I mourn the life I had previously, because I don’t have the stamina physically or mentally I once had. But, this blog is about Life BEYOND Limits. Yes, I have limits. I must prioritize my time and energy in order to respect them. If I don’t, it means my body will pay for it later. But, it doesn’t mean I must give up and quit. I’m still that “Type A” personality adjusting to what I call my new norm, which is life a little slower and less fast-paced, but it fits perfectly into my specialty of life and stress management. So, it’s all good!

Nine life areas listen on an orange background of mountains as priorities.Life Management Week video still shot of Christine Pechstein in her video introduction.


New Challenges: Persevering Despite Obstacles

My health issues don’t mean I can’t teach. It just means I have to teach less and in a different way (mostly online). It doesn’t mean that I can’t live a productive life. It just means I need to make proper accommodations and simplify as much as possible. It doesn’t mean I can’t have goals and aspirations. It just means that my priorities must be properly aligned allowing me to use my time, energy, and resources wisely to glorify God and help those He places in my path. I share much of that here as I teach.

So, I have health issues. I have to do things differently. But, by God’s grace, through His provision, and because of the strength I find in my Savior, Jesus Christ, I can Move Into Action and live beyond limits.

I hope this helps you find more Jesus, a few helpful life hacks, and the inspiration and courage you need to live beyond your own limitations whether physical or mental (fear, uncertainty, doubt). This is my best shot at living a life that glorifies God and makes good use of the time, energy, and resources He has so graciously provided me.

Join me on this journey. Together we can Move Into Action and live fully, even when fully is much different than what you were used to.