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    • Please bear with me . . . (website maintenance)

      We're crankin' out the construction of our new website. These changes will help us provide you with the best in coaching, training, and mentoring, so I hope you are as excited as I am. We should be back on the air Monday. See you then and enjoy your week!

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    • Dear Teens: Yo' Mama Has Style (Grin)

      "MOM SAID!" Are your teens makin' ya' style crazy? "Mom, you cannot wear that into the store." UH, yes, I can. Watch. It covers my butt. I have no cleavage hanging out. You can't see things you shouldn't. It's stylish. It's age appropriate, it's definitely funky, and I feel great in it.  "Mom Said!" is regular video feature based off of Christine's book. It's a

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    • Jul


      Jackass Prevention Week

      Jackass Prevention Week will be online. Be sure to attend this online course and learn how to make the world a better and less stressful place by eliminating annoying, jackass behaviors. More details coming soon.



      Simplify (Live Online Coaching and Training)

      Partner with me for 16 weeks as you clear the clutter from 9 life areas, get organized at home and work, and start living your priorities. This elite group meets with me online weekly. Registration opens again in May 2015.



      Reverse Church Planting

      Reverse Church Planting is an online course available this fall. Are you ready to get outside the building and involved in you neighborhood? Are you ready to get equipped to stand for your faith and defend it? Let's get planted in community and beyond the four walls of the church. Stay tuned for more information.

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