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    • The Issues Forum: Life Management Podcasts

      Ps And Qs: They're Not All Yours To Mind Episode #79

      Issue 1: Are you messing with other people's issues that don't concern you?  Issue 2: Are you trying to mind Ps and Qs that aren't yours to mind? Are other people trying to manage yours? Issue 3: Are Superhero parents irritating you with their

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      Right On! Conservative Living, Episode #78

      The Issue: Conservatives are labeled all kinds of bad things. Christian conservatives are labeled more. The Challenge: Stop and THINK. Are those labels really true? What is it exactly that we stand and fight for? And it makes us the enemy to

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      FOUL BALL! When something goes astray, it's usually not good. Not in baseball and not in life. Going out of bounds has consequences, so our goal is to refrain from going into areas we know we shouldn't. And we ALL have those areas. Boundaries protect

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      If boundaries limit us, why should we embrace and apply them to our lives and subject our families to them? Listen now as we move through this episode and take an inward look at embracing and setting boundaries that affect us. Some are useful for

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      Living Out Of Bounds, Episode #75

      Kicking Your Buts Podcast. Excuses stop here. What's the problem with a world without boundaries? You'll find that over time, every eroded boundary will only result in eroded freedom to live your life. And in the life management world, this is a very

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      Mirror Reflection, Episode #74

      Mirror Reflections Improve Relationships. Often times, the best thing we can do is stop blaming the other person for our relationship issues and start looking in the mirror. We can't change the behaviors of others. But, we can control our own.

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      Your Circle of Influence, Episode #73

      Whether you know it or not: 1. You already have people that influence you. 2. They're either positive influences or negative influences. 3. You influence others through your behaviors and actions. We're all influenced by things that surround us. So,

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    • Meet your trainer and coach

      I am honored that you're here at Move Into Action. Please feel free to take a look around, listen to my coaching episodes specializing in life and stress management, and download my free book. I'm confident you'll find just what you need for your life and priority management. 

      A little about myself:

      • Certified in Mental Health First Aid
      • Trained as a First Responder in Crisis Situations
      • Personal Trainer (Certification in progress with NASM-CPT)
      • A life and stress management coach with over 8 years experience
      • Former Career Coach with 6 years experience
      • Preacher in Community (Learn about my business vs. ministry here!)
      • Host of "The Gift of Gab" and "Kicking Buts" Shows
      • The author of "The Think Drink Life", The 7 Day Sermon" and 8 other books
      • Single mom
      • Full-time wrangler of one active teenager, 3 house cats, and 1 crazy Boxer
      • Bible study teacher at our local soup kitchen
      • Community volunteer
      • Coffee and chocolate lover
      • Survivor of domestic violence, chronic stress syndrome, career burnout, volunteer burnout, 16 years of single parenting, political correctness, and the deceptive allure of achieving the "American Dream"
      • Download my professional resume here

       I'm confident you'll find just what you need here on my website and at the School of Life Management Academy. I founded SOLMA to bring you specialized and relevant life and stress management coaching and training. Be sure to learn about my upcoming lectures, courses, and coaching sessions while you're here. We'd love to have you join us!

      Have a blessed day!


    • My Thoughts On Faith

      A Faithful Witness Is Tough

      I'm thinking after a great sermon this morning on being a witness: We are not called to be witnesses just when life is A-OK, and show and tell others how blessed we are because of all the material blessings of abundance flowing in. This is taught many times in a world that loves a prosperity-driven gospel. We can easily confuse blessings with prosperity. We can be (and are) blessed and highly

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    • Mom Said! Videos

      Mom Said! Eat Your Veggies.

      So, you've got just $20. Can you make it work for you? Can you make it count toward your health? Make it a priority to eat your veggies and make your money keep you healthy. Watch the video to find out how I do this by shopping fresh and local. Eat your veggies!

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    • SOLMA

      Life Management Maintenance

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    • Life Management Product Reviews

      Making Your Life Easier

      Have you seen a gadget or heard an idea and wondered if it really worked? I believe it's important to provide more tools and resources that can help you simplify, reduce stress, and save time, as part of your ongoing life and stress management

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