The Gift of Gab: Episode #20 Justifying Excuses and The Cat Licking Your Food

Graphic for Gift of Gab Radio Show with image of Christine Pechstein and white lettering.
OK, so my family is TOTALLY SICK! I woke up this morning to do a show on A "No Excuses Approach To Life and Leadership" and found out my kids knew about the cat dragging my breakfast across the floor. But, for various reasons...

No Matter What You Do, This Post Is For You!

Have you seen the new farming video parody, "I'm Farming And I Grow It?" It's awesome. And it's entertaining. It's got a lot of truth packed into it. If we could read between the lyrics and the footage we might be able to see some great lessons in it at first glance.

So, THAT’S Why! 10 Amazing Facts About Your Brain.

Image of Christine Pechstein making a funny face.
I was looking for information regarding the brain's potential and came across this humorous yet informative video. I know for me, it explained a few things! Especially the fact that our brains use less energy than a refrigerator light. Or how about that sneeze? Yawn, it's time to wake up! And at least now I know how that annoying song...

Chunks of Bloopers

Uh,oh, Chunks climbed into my work today! Everyone knows that Friar Chunks is my big, fuzzy, Tomcat that I adore. And he likes to help me work even from my home office.

There’s A Hobo In My Home!

Christine's cat, Friar Chunks in her suitcase.
Coming home to a teenager is definitely full of the unexpected, and somehow the unexpected is something I'd never expect. Hmmm...I guess that's why it's referred to as unexpected. After attending my son's open house at the middle school, I returned home to be...

A Little Laughter Goes A LONG Way In Gaining Experience

This video reminds me that laughter in many ways is much like giving ourselves permission to try again, because our failure wasn't fatal. Was it really the end of the world that we experienced? Or looking back, was it kind of comical? Can we encourage others