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    • National Day of Prayer (Prayer for our cities)

      We pray we can again become people that FEAR the Lord and live in reverence to You whether we have the freedom to do so or not. We pray for the strength and courage to bow to no other name.I will be praying this over our city at 12:30. I'm sharing my written prayer notes and heart, so you can pray with me and pray over yours. Our Father in Heaven, Creator of all things good and wonderful, We pray

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    • Mom Said! Life's Not Fair

      Someday our kids may thank us. (Even if it's not today!) <--You should laugh at that. Our mothers tried to teach us so much. And we're diligently trying to pass that wisdom and life experience on to our kiddos. One of those nuggets of truth is that life's not fair, and it's okay. We must learn, remember, and model for our kids that we can conquer, overcome, and grow in spite of

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    • Mirror Reflection, Episode #74

      Mirror Reflections Improve Relationships. Often times, the best thing we can do is stop blaming the other person for our relationship issues and start looking in the mirror. We can't change the behaviors of others. But, we can control our own.

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      Your Circle of Influence, Episode #73

      Whether you know it or not: 1. You already have people that influence you. 2. They're either positive influences or negative influences. 3. You influence others through your behaviors and actions. We're all influenced by things that surround us. So,

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      Surviving Toxic People, Episode #72

      There are two things to note: 1. You have to deal with toxic people in your life. 2. You may find that you're a toxic person to someone. The good news? You can change both of these things by creating proper boundaries. The first thing you'll

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      Episode #71 Money That Buys Better Haves

      Are you ready to kick your buts? We're going to eliminate excuses, challenge ourselves to change some stuff, and manage our time, energy, and priorities well. Let's do this! The entire month of April, I'm coaching you on finances

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      Episode #70 Communication: Successful, Strained, or Drained.

      http://www.moveintoaction.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/show_7237677.mp3   Are we communicating to be understood? If not, we may need to back up.  There's good communication. There's bad communication. There's less than

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      Episode #69 How To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed And Powerless

        http://www.moveintoaction.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/show_7221237.mp3   It's a HUGE mountain to move. So start by picking up a rock. Do you feel stuck, because you're up against something big? Do you believe you're not

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      Episode #68 Fly Higher Than Your Fears By Taking Control

        Check Out Lifestyle Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Move Into Action on BlogTalkRadio   It's YOUR life. What prevents you from living fully? It's whatever and whoever hurt you. Often, they've been given control of what you do and

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      Episode #67 &quote;X&quote; Marks The Spot. Now, How Do I Get There?

        http://www.moveintoaction.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/show_71876511.mp3   Plan your life and live your plan.  While it sounds simple, most people only do half (HALF!) of that and wonder why they haven't been able to

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    • Meet your coach

      I am honored that you're here at Move Into Action. Please feel free to take a look around, listen to my coaching episodes specializing in life and stress management, and download my free book. I'm confident you'll find just what you need for your life and priority management. 

      A little about myself:

      • Certified in Mental Health First Aid
      • Trained as a First Responder in Crisis Situations
      • A life and stress management coach with over 10 years experience
      • Former Career Coach with 6 years experience
      • Preacher in Community (Learn about my business vs. ministry here!)
      • Host of "The Gift of Gab" and "Kicking Buts" Shows
      • The author of "The Think Drink Life", The 7 Day Sermon" and 8 other books
      • Single mom
      • Full-time wrangler of one active teenager, 3 house cats, and 1 crazy Boxer
      • Bible study teacher at our local soup kitchen
      • Community volunteer
      • Coffee and chocolate lover
      • Survivor of domestic violence, chronic stress syndrome, career burnout, volunteer burnout, 16 years of single parenting, political correctness, and the deceptive allure of achieving the "American Dream"
      • Download my professional resume here

       I'm confident you'll find just what you need here on my website and at the School of Life Management Academy. I founded SOLMA to bring you specialized and relevant life and stress management coaching and training. Be sure to learn about my upcoming lectures, courses, and coaching sessions while you're here. We'd love to have you join us!

      Have a blessed day!